Hobbitsies Review

Okay, The Book of Wonders by Jasmine Richards is a seriously awesome
middle grade novel about fantasy and adventure and it’s got pirates, boats,
magic, a loyal best friend, and a seriously brave female main character.

The Book of Wonders is the type of book I would have absolutely
devoured in middle school, and I’m glad that still holds true today! As an avid
fan of Tamora Pierce, I am all about the awesome and strong female characters in
fantasy settings, so Zardi was like a breath of fresh air compared to some of
the wishy-washy protagonists we read about today.

What I also loved about The Book of Wonders (besides the awesome new
world Richards introduced us to) is how jampacked it was with stuff. There was
not a down moment for Zardi – something was always happening, she always had a
goal to work towards, and that made it very interesting for me. There were never
any moments where I wanted to skip ahead.

Seriously, The Book of Wonders is middle grade, but I think it will
certainly appeal to any lover of fantasy. Zardi, even though she’s only thirteen
years old, came off as much older and more mature. The Book of Wonders
is an exciting story of a girl on a quest to save her family and I definitely
recommend it.


Written by : Jasmine

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