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Jasmine is an author, former children’s publisher, screenwriter and founder of Storymix an inclusive fiction studio with a social purpose. Storymix creates children’s stories with diverse casts of characters in an organic, joyful and authentic way. The studio also works with emerging and established writers and illustrators from BME backgrounds to offer pathways into publishing.

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Project Earworm

I recently received a grant from Nesta to create Project Earworm, an immersive short story experience that tells the tale of Ayesha and a creature called Earworm. The Earworm reveals people’s true intentions through sound and music. Using small sections of text, chat stories, and immersive soundscapes with embedded audio cues the reader will learn the truth of Earworm and the secrets of those around Ayesha.

This project is kindly supported by Nesta.

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